About AMG

About Us

AMG was founded in 2002 in the North West of Leicestershire, since then we have grown into an experienced team of 30 plus people.

We provide our services to a diverse array of clients, manufacturing electronics for a vast range of applications. We build close, friendly and professional relationships with customers and suppliers, tailoring our services as required.

2017 has seen us acquire an additional unit doubling our floor space to incorporate future sustained growth.

With AMG you can expect great quality and fast turnaround with excellent communication and support.

Our Approach

We strive to provide the best service possible and go the extra mile for our customers. We believe that excellent communication, open and honest working relationships, flexibility and the ability to adapt and evolve to customer needs have been key to our success so far. We promote these values and hope to create many more partnerships that will enable us to develop, grow and continue to provide safe and secure long-term jobs for our staff.

We are dedicated to making AMG a positive and safe place to work, where people feel appreciated and valued. We firmly believe that kindness, encouragement and understanding drive happiness and in turn greater productivity and job satisfaction.

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