ET Enterprises Limited

Together since 2002

Handmade, Bespoke and Totally Unique

AMG are very proud of the vast array of skills, knowledge and experience they possess and always look forward to the next challenge, no matter how bespoke the project.


Our Customer

ET Enterprises Limited can trace its history back to the 1930’s when, as part of EMI, it first became involved in light detection technologies. It specialises in the development and manufacture of photomultipliers and is now a major international supplier of low-level light detection devices and systems. These bespoke handmade tubes are used in scientific research, radiation and pollution monitoring, life sciences and the oil industry.

The Right Company for the Project

Building and even handling photomultipliers requires great care, a meticulous eye, patience and dexterity. It can take many months to become competent in building these specialised products to be sealed under high vacuum and the tailor made machinery used requires great precision.

Since 2002 AMG have assembled a team who have gained the full cofidence of ET Enterprises. We have built a strong working relationship with them to become their sole UK subcontractor for photomultiplier assembly, wiring and testing. AMG regularly build bespoke variants for specific projects including high energy physics applications looking at Cosmic radiation.


AMG prides itself on the working relationships we have developed over the years and our customers feel totally confident in what we do and how we do it. With only a few companies world wide making these highly sensitive photomultipliers, AMG are proud to be a main subcontractor to ET Enterprises.